Monday, January 9, 2012

number 451 the grave of gorgeous george

***the grave of gorgeous george, post bunny trocadero's offering

number 450 this is not a perspective test

nope - they don't get called legs 11 for nothin...

***on the way to the grave of gorgeous george 2012

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

number 449 i miss annie

she lives in los angeles now, and usually at this time of year, i would bombard her christmas, her pre christmas, and post christmas time. she'd make me pan forte, and i'd have eaten it by the time i walked up the hill. i might even be lucky enough that on an afternoon where she might not have anything to do, she might have decided to make a salted chocolate tart, and we might just have it for desert or even just for dinner. pretty much, annie can do what ever she likes...

i opened some mail yesterday. now i can alternate between neat and presbyterian.

number 448 table of truth and beauty

back in the hood...the excited quartet, were really getting in to the christmas mood. jac kept giving me that look as if she hadn't seen it all before, duo brink inc brought the legs and rene explained to us about the wall of death. then we entered to the hallway of secret missing carpet to find free peanuts.

number 447 danger with a heart shaped swizzle stick

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Friday, November 25, 2011

number 445 birthday chivalry

when someone invites you to their birthday dinner, you are meant to pay for them, not the other way around. lets just hope this went on someone else's account!

joe allen shea birthday

number 444 look who i found

wandering the streets of sydney...they said they didn't want to have a celebration of life small afternoon beverage...

arms twisted!

sd + bb

Monday, November 7, 2011

number 443 close enough

oh yeh!

***thank you ep

Sunday, November 6, 2011

number 442 maggie may

knows how to do a mean shoulder elbow charge mid dance move. she rides a brown bike in mini skirts and has a back yard perfect for spell binding!

she only just took up oil painting and as she spilled out a plethora of work - all i could say is 'i want that one'.

***margaret bear brink

number 441 lady baths

someone showed me a great time on the weekend...

first stop the coogee lady baths. 20c to get in. designated nude area, and a look out to flash your boobs to the big wide vast ocean.

***dancing in lady baths november 2011

number 440 'just like you but a little different'

some people say amazing things...

Monday, October 31, 2011

number 439 candle in the wind

i've had my fortune read a couple of times. i have been to see tarot card readers. i went to the mountains and got an astrology chart done, leaving thinking, 2013 is a hell of a long time away! when i was in year 7, some girls when down in to the spooky shower block and called on a dead teacher to levitate diana weaverly - they levitated her, and freaked the hell out of the other kids. diana growled, bit someone, got suspended and then her family moved back to america.

when my mum was a teenager she played a ouija board, asking who she would marry, and it spelt out 'WEI', my dads initials. my grandmother was crazy about this one fortune teller, and she would only ever tell us this this after she returned 'darling they know things that no one could ever know!' oma had some really good skeletons, we have since learned.

it's always like a small test when you sit down. you being the tester - ok i'm not going to say a word, don't give anything as i got drawn in on melrose place to a small sign that said 'palm readings $10' and turned over my palms i was ready to let it all begin!

i was trying really hard not to focus on if her earrings were actually real cartier and how thick her acrylics were...but when she looked at me and said 'who is the light haired man?' hmm this could now be interesting. more swords, a magician, the grim reaper, more swords, and the light haired man...again! she is like 'gurl who is this light haired man???'

so then - i could see that this was wrapping up. she'd told me everything without me battering even one little eye lid...'what i need for you to do is come and see me. this is something that you can do at home, but it is pivotal in you moving forward and not creating any blockages'...was very prepared for this part
'well i actually leave town tomorrow'
'oh i told you there was travel involved, when are you back?'
'i'm not sure'
'you can come to see me before you leave, what time is your flight?'
eeek, i was now beginning to blow my bluff...
'honey you need to let me give you the recipe for the spell!!!'
spell?? when did we ever discuss me making a spell??? i thought the light haired man was just going to come on by - you said 2 weeks!! i don't need any more spells!

the price kept dropping for the essential spell. she was a good sales woman. she almost had me giving her my phone number...'call me, you need to call me'

torn - but a big flash of winona ryder in reality bites really went crazy through my veins...i got up, paid her and was like 'you told me everything i already knew - i don't need no spell, the future is right here!'

and i may or may not have paid another $10 for her to light a candle for me that night!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

number438 he likes she likes

he likes waterfalls, she likes to cook

***edwina + robbie greece 2011

Sunday, October 23, 2011